Thursday, June 01, 2006

Chag Samayach, Shabbat Shalom, and What's Up

**This may be my last post for a long time since I'll be without Internet probably until I get to NYC at the end of August. I'll hopefully be able to check email once a week or so, but it's going to be ruff. **

This has to be real quick since I've really got a million things before the Chag starts and no time. But the last week and change has been great and leaves me with all kinds of things that I should really talk about. Anyway, here's a overly brief rundown:

- Har Sinai Spring Regional NCSY Shabbaton Last Weekend - One word - Incredible!

- I'm mad proud of my sister who was honored and recognized with one of the Big 5 awards at banquet, the Erica Hasner Memorial (Sp?) Shem Tov (Good Name) Personal Development award. She really earned it, and the speech was awesome, every word true. Talk about Nachas, it was hard not to cry.

- She'll be upset with my if I don't also post the fact that I was awarded with an Adviser of the Year award. So there, it's included.

-Major Move out of my apartment, and lots of complications. Who knew there was so much involved. One day was just not enough! (It's already become a few days beyond my lease end, oh well... Thanks need to go out to my landlord who's been amazingly understanding and helpful. He's great, if anyone ever moves to Rochester and is looking to rent, let me put you in touch with him. He's the best.

-Complete lack of sleep for the last 3+ weeks and an all nighter of learning and giving shiur (class) ahead of me.

-I may have found an apartment. (Yay Drew! - Check out his blog on the sidebar.)

-Shidduch thing... I may choose not to talk about this at all, but we'll see. It's good for sorting my thoughts, but it's no longer just me that I'm exposing, so I probably will have to find another more private medium. But let's just say I'm excited, but it's way way way early.

-The Camp thing. It's probably a mistake, but my contract arrived and I received a pay cut without explanation of $600 for last year instead of the usual raise. I left a message, but am yet to hear back.

-The Driving thing. I think I may have access to a car this summer which is great, but I only really have 1 month left to get my license,so I need to get cracking.

-Friends are great! Mad Thanks to All of my friends, especially those helping me with this whole move thing. You know who you are.

-Then of course there is the whole holiday and shabbat thing. Normally I'd want to say a few words, I just can't afford to now. But I hope everyone gains a lot from them.

OK... That's all I have time for... not even to spell check.

Kol Tuv, Chag Samayach, Shabbat Shalom, and have a good summer.

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