Friday, March 24, 2006

Closet Creativity

Something invariably always happens to me before or right after ever NCSY shabbaton that I do. It always has, anyway, and tonight the trend continued. Whether bus breakdowns, an accident, a dryer fire, a lockout, each time it’s forced me to face a new last minute challenge, find a creative solution, and maintain my outward calm and good humor so that I can continue to portray the role I need to for all of my NCSYers.

This weekend is a special Sr. NCSY Shabbaton in Schenectady (one of the cities in Har Sinai Region, and also where I grew up,) called Yarchi Kallah. It’s a learning intensive, source orientated convention. And just like every other convention, even though it doesn’t start for 7 hours yet, something has already happened. This time again it was with my dryer. While doing laundry tonight to be read so I could pack for the weekend excursion, the dryer broke. It no longer spun, just blew hot air onto unmoving clothes. Needless to say this wasn’t working well… the top layer was starting to brown and the bottom layer was soaking wet still when I went downstairs to the basement and figured out there was a problem. What was I to do though, I needed the clothing, in particular the NCSY gear for the shabbaton, but now it was all wet. (It had been dirty from the Jr. Shabbaton last week, but the washing machine did its job just fine.) In the end I partook in a multi pronged attack, hanging some clothes up over the shower curtains bar, others in the space in my closet, others I ironed until they were dry, and for my undergarments, I built a clothes rack. (I’m trying to post pictures for the first time, if it works then the picture above is the makeshift rack made of hangers and yarn that was meant for making kippot.) I just hope it’s dry come morning when I have to pack it. But with only 3 hours until I’m supposed to be awake, it’s going to be tight. At least I bit the bullet this time before shabbaton started Bli Ayin Harah…

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