Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Expensive Blunder, How My Convection Oven IS Toast

So in my haste and sleepiness yesterday morning I managed to treif up (make non-kosher) my only cooking devise for Dairy food, My Ultravection Oven. Basically, I grabbed a frozen Burrito from the freezer to make for breakfast, and didn't look closely at the package. Why should I have, I only bought the Cheese and Bean ones, even commenting to my friend that there was no point in buying the Beef and Bean ones because my only cooking devise for meat is a Forman grill. Or so I thought...

Apparently, of the 12 Burritos I'd grabbed from the freezer over at the local kosher butcher, one Beef and Bean one had slipped in. (Good ol' Guys at Old City Cafe making both the Meat and Dairy versions look the same from the Packaging at first glance. You actually have to read them to see what one you have...) Anyway, with my interview in the early morning, and my lack of sleep from preparing for it late into the night, I just relied upon the fact that I'd bought "only the cheese ones" and threw it into the Ultravection oven without bothering to read the package.

Needless to say, 15 min later I not only had a great looking, great smelling, piping hot burrito that I couldn't eat, but a now worthless Ultravection oven that because of it's nature I can't Kasher. (The hot parts aren't all exposed; I'd have to take a torch to the internals of the thing, since the blown air moves steam everywhere). I was also of course hungry, and running late for work. I grabbed an apple and bolted.

Flash forward to this morning and a little online research. The Ultravection Oven that I liked so much and used just about every day (less Shabbat) is no longer being manufactured and it can't be bought anywhere. (Except for one used one on eBay, but if I wanted a used, non-kosher oven, then I've already got one...) So instead I've been browsing for suitable replacements. They run in the range of $100. Talk about an expensive blunder. Especially, when after this summer I'll be living in a different place and might not even need a counter top oven. But as I look in my kitchen and almost everything I eat depended on the ability to use that oven, I'm going to have to break down and buy another one. Oh well... Zoat Kapparati, May this be a Kapparah for me. (A transference of punishment for any of my wrongdoings in this world, kind of like karma, but not really).

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