Thursday, March 30, 2006

Two Different Views... No Really... Look...

At this point I'm franticly trying to fill out the formal application for Chovevei that was due in January, but is absolutly unacceptable past April 11th. (That's when they are supposed to notify all applicants of their status and finalize classes for next year.) It seems clear to me now that I'll be there next year. In retrospect this is shocking as it wasn't even a remote possiblility half a year ago. A lot can change in 3 months apparently, and G-d works in really crazy ways. In a way, even though that shidduch didn't work out, it was probalby just about the only thing that could have led to this outcome, and therefore probably for the best. The whole thing just clicks, it makes so much sense. The timing was absolute, with no margin for error, and the circumstances had to be just right. No one could have predicted this outcome, especially not myself. All I can do is say "Mi K'Mocha Hashem" (who is like you Hashem) that you bend the world to shape your will while allowing the whole process to come about by our free choice. Incredable! Though it is hard to think that I'm giving up the latter view for the first. Gee I miss Israel. I've got to come up with some way to get there on all of my breaks, and that year of study abroad that people keep telling me I can do. Oh well... Kach Li B'Yadecha Hashem (Take me in your hands G-d), I can't think of anyone more trustworthy to lead me along the right path.

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