Sunday, April 09, 2006

Chovevei's Chutzpah, or YCTorah's Beautiful Aura?

On March 27th, Just a little while ago, while I was busy working on my application for Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, the school was busy welcoming a group of Cardinals and Bishops, part of a World Jewish Congress led-delegation. This was an event that did not go unnoticed as a look at the picture above clearly displays the press who covered the event. As such it was also not without controversy. As I was not there myself, and only recently found out about it, I am ill prepared to attempt to cover it in any fashion, rather I would direct the reader to follow any or all of the links below. They cover a spectrum of opinion from the official position of the Yeshiva to the position of its critics and a range of casual blog commenters and their opinions for good measure.

Now, in my case, I know next to nothing about the issues involved and certainly do not qualify to weigh in on the halachic debate. I can only have an open mind and try to gauge the impact that events like this have on me personally as I prepare myself to IM"H attend the school in the fall. Kach Li B'Yadecha Tati, G-d should take me in his hand. I'm following the path that he lays out for me and in the process can only hope that I don't miss read his signs. For now I do the best that I can and have faith that Hashem will take care of the rest. Regardless, I know that next year is going to be a huge year for me in terms of Torah growth, and a real period of formation for me as I solidify the direction that I will most likely be following for the rest of my life. For now, the best I can do is daven and keep on plugging.

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