Tuesday, April 04, 2006

On to the Future...

This is the point of transition for me. Today was my last day working at my campus job. From now on I will be focusing that time towards preparing for Chovevei next year. Before, everything was planning, and relegated to the sphear of theory. Now, tangible steps and practicle changes are taking place in my schedual. It's moved out of imagination and into action, out of dream and into reality. It's becoming concreate, it's becomeing real.

Truthfully, it hasn't set in yet. The day is ending, sleep is coming, and Tuesdays don't change for me, I still have class and Jr. NCSY on my schedual, and don't begin my altered schedual until Wendsday. But there is a paradime shift non the less. I've got a major presentation in class tomorrow, but aside from that all that's left for me to do is finish my formal application and mail it. Thursday is my first Chavruta with Lev, and the coming week is the first full week on my new schedual. Your not going to be able to read it, and I need to sleep so I'm not going to transfer it now, but to give a glimps, above is the screen shot from the outlook calender. The green are independent learning, the blue are chavrutas and class (there are only 3 classes). If you expand the image you can kind of make it out. I'd love feedback from those who've tried setting up independent seder lilmud before, and any tips for success and self disipline.

Anyway, there's a lot ahead of me, and chapters left to process behind me. But right now, all that is in the present is my bed. G'night

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