Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Good Thing Pesach is Coming Because I Need Some Seder in My Live

As I plan for my remaining time in Rochester, and look toward Pesach, and the plans that I'm making, I recall fondly the beach at Boombamella during Chol HaMoed of my year in Israel. This Chol Hamoed I'll be spending one day in class, maybe doing one event with my NCSY'ers and spending the rest of the time cracking the whip over my head getting ready for yeshiva. A far cry from the beach. Now that the realization that I'll be spending an extended period in the states has begun to set in a dull sadness is beginning to set in as well. Homesickness you might call it. I waited two long years, anxious to go back, and as soon as the time arrived, and my excitement built up, plans changed. Men Trachet un Gaut Lacht (Men Plan and G-d Laughs... - a famous Yiddish expression...)

Anyway, I can go for short periods of time though on my breaks and what not, the issue becomes funding, so if anyone wants to fund a round trip ticket for me this summer I'll gladly jump at the opportunity. Or if your a group looking for a Birthright Madrich, or other group leader, and willing to pay my way to Israel, I'll gladly take you. But at this point I guess I'm dreaming. My summer is going to be spent looking for an apartment in Manhattan, trying to make some money somewhere, hopefully doing Keshet again this summer at the Wildrose Moshava. (That office is starting to drive me crazy with their disorganization and poor communication, you'd think I'd be used to it after 6 years, but I'm not...) And looking for a place to learn/pump up my textual abilities before I start Mechina in the fall. So I guess if you know a good summer yeshiva program that's free, or better yet pays you to learn, I'm in...

I also have to figure out how to deal with the hassle of moving. I can't rent a truck because I'm under 25, and it's really expensive to move just about any other way. Maybe I can borrow a van or something, I have to get on that though, my lease is up in 2 months... But, I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. First and for most, I need to finish my Chovevei application and mail it out tomorrow, then I have Pesach to worry about, and finals, then moving out, then apartment hunting, then summer program... I guess that's the order. Really, I've just got to get myself organized and get on the ball, I can't just coast any more the way I have for the last 2 years. You just can't coast through transition periods, and this is probably the biggest transition I'm going to experience as a single individual.

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